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Rent catamaran in Croatia
Are you planning to catamaran charter in Croatia with your family or friends? Cruising on a catamaran will usher in bountiful joy to your group. As a well-recognized yacht charter Croatia service, we vouch for this adventurous and fun-filled exploration of Croatian seas onboard the beautiful catamaran sailboat. All you need to do is to book a catamaran yacht well in advance as we have wide ranging catamaran rental schemes for the benefit of travelers who are on a mission to fall in love with the beauty of Croatian seas. Having mastered the art of serving travelers with exclusive catamaran charters for many long years, we have noticed one thing, which is that of the tendency of the those travelers who have cruised in catamaran yacht to come back to Croatia again and again for catamaran charters just to drown in the sheer luxury of cruising in catamaran yacht. Those who are interested in yachts for rent are entitled for special privilege when chartering with Globe Yacht Charter, as our objective is to elevate the catamaran sailing experience of every sailor with world-class catamaran sailboats and through ensuring the best of charter services on all fronts.


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Why catamaran sailing is so popular?

Indeed, this is one typical question posed by every new sailor before opting for luxury catamaran charter. Let’s explore how catamaran yacht adds a brand new experience whilst cruising in Croatian seas.

  • Our catamaran sailboats are basically spacious vessels with two hulls and are considered to be most stable in stature. The reason why families prefer catamaran charters over yachts for charter is just because of the extended space in its build-up design. Moreover, cruising in the Croatian seas becomes a fantastic experience when you choose catamaran charter with skipper and hostess. In other words, the sheer pleasure and luxury experienced make you fall in love with catamaran cruising.
  • Catamarans are faster than other sailboats or sailing yachts of any kind, more specifically monohulls. Be it big luxury crewed catamaran or small catamaran sailboat, their hull is constructed in such nature that the speed during cruising can peak to the maximum. However, catamaran rental varies with the type of boat being rented out.
  • Catamaran cruises are a big hit amongst family travelers as stability of the boat is unmatchable with that of other yachts. This stability comes from its wide beam length which is an essential component in any catamaran. You can realize your dream of exploring the Croatian seas by opting to rent a catamaran in Croatia. owns a modern fleet of this kind of sailboats for charter.
  • In catamaran yacht, saloon and galley are on the same level alongside the cockpit thus making the access to saloon very easy. In catamaran charters, saloon panoramic view is exceptionally beautiful. The other reason why family travelers who choose yacht charter Croatia prefer catamaran cruises can solely be attributed to the spacious features associated with these kinds of sailboats. Especially, spacious cabins with comfortable beds and showers.

One way Split to Dubrovnik with catamaran

Catamaran sailing one way from Split to Dubrovnik and vice versa is definitely bound to entice every sailor given the scenic beauty of the seas and lush green cover that adorns the coast. One of the most sought for service, one-way from Split to Dubrovnik is organized with a certain rules that are important to know. Mainly, additional fee is applied and catamaran is often bound to return to home base by skipper on time for the next charter. If you would like to find out more, please contact us with your inquiry.


Catamaran Charter Split Trogir Kastela Catamaran charters from Split Probably the best place to start with catamaran sailing is Split or surrounding marinas like Trogir or Kastela. Largest fleet to choose from, and very stable weather. Most popular islands like Vis, Hvar and Brač for Yacht Charter Croatia.
Charter Catamaran Dubrovnik Mljet Korcula Dubrovnik catamaran charters With two new marinas in Dubrovnik, this town is becoming increasingly important in catamaran charter world. There is nothing more convenient than to explore Dubrovnik for a day or two and then embark on magnificent catamaran sailing.
Catamaran Charter Kornati Sibenik Skradin Krka Murter Sibenik catamaran rental Experienced sailors on catamarans often choose Šibenik as starting point. Not only beginning trip here gives you the opportunity to visit Krka national park and Skradin, but also to sail in area with many small rocks and islets.
Rent Catamaran Zadar Sukosan Biograd Kornati Charter Sail to Kornati with catamaran Kornati national park and Telascica protected area is magnet for sailors who like to rent catamaran and enjoy pristine nature and crystal clear seas. There are many starting points to choose from like Zadar, Šibenik, Sukošan and Biograd.

Why catamaran sailing in Croatia is the best for families?

Imagine yourself planning to cruise Croatian seas along with your little kids. Your ultimate objective is to ensure that your children are safe and entertained. With trampoline net in the front and safety net on a side rails, catamarans are ideal choice for families with children. Add crew assistance at such scenarios, and you shouldn’t have any second thoughts other than settling in for a luxury catamaran charter. Globe Yacht Charter is one such catamaran rental service provider well-known for modern catamaran yachts fleet and family orientated crews. Catamaran sailing will be definitely liked by your children and other family members since it offers the space to move around and juggle between the view points, thereby elevating the experiencing of viewing the scenic and virgin beauty of Croatian seas. By opting for catamaran sailing, you gift some precious lifetime experiences to your family members, especially to the children onboard the luxury catamaran.  

Why choose catamaran over sailing yacht?

Since a catamaran has more room, it creates felling like you are at home. In larger catamarans, leads and showers are separate cabins provide enough room for spacious and comfortable beds. Also, there is relatively a lot of space and headroom in the cabins of a catamaran (beds are wider and longer). They are especially practical if there are small children on board. Some of the other unique experiences are:
  1. The opportunity to venture close to the coast, as catamaran yacht can kiss the coast line comfortably without worrying of the long keel hitting the sea floor.
  2. The wonderful experience of getting small catamaran sailboat in tight coves and hidden places which is often not possible with conventional monohull sailing yachts. That’s the reason why sailors who like exploring new spots don’t go for sailing yacht charter, rather they prefer catamaran rental for offering more relaxed anchoring.
  3. With regards to navigation, catamaran sailboat can be navigated very easily due to less strain involved.
  4. Even if you are a big family of more than five you need not worry. A big catamaran can accommodate 8 to 12 people in 4 to 6 cabins, which is very much sufficient for bigger groups.
  Why not give a surprise to your family by taking them for a sailing in Croatia? Perhaps, that is going to the best one. Catamarans are a perfect choice for easy-going, comfortable cruise for you and your friends or family. If you need help with choosing the right catamaran, please contact our support, and we'll make sure that we find the most suitable catamaran for your perfect sea holidays. We are ready to assist you on a splendid catamaran charter Croatia trip. Get pampered with luxury and fun!