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Globe Yachting offers wide range of catamarans in Croatia. Although the principles of sailing are the same for both catamarans and monohulls, catamaran is more stable, spacious and also faster than classic sailing yacht. For your perfect sea holiday, to charter a catamaran s a great choice. If you need help with choosing the right catamaran, please contact our support on, and we'll make sure that we find the most suitable catamaran for your perfect catamaran cruise.



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Catamarans are a special type of boats that has two hulls, connected by the spacious body, which makes them the more spacious and more stable type of boats. This is the reason catamaran charter Croatia is most popular with families and larger groups because of their spacious interior and easy access.

They are in general, faster than single hull boats. This is due to several factors, the most important of which is the hull shape. Catamarans are also very light, which further reduces drag and displacement. Stability of catamaran comes from the wide beam length.

Since a catamaran has more room it creates felling like you are at home. In larger catamarans, leads and showers are separate cabins provide enough room for spacious and comfortable beds. They are ideal for long cruising as they are very spacious and comfortable.

Catamaran charter Croatia advantages

Another great advantage for catamarans is that saloon and the galley are on the same level with the cockpit which eases access to saloon, and offers saloon panoramic view. Also, there is relatively a lot of space and headroom in the cabins of a catamaran (beds are wider and longer). They are especially practical if there are small children on board. Also, they allow you to approach the coast very close and anchor in shallow waters, small coves and hidden places which is unlike for all conventional sailing yachts with a long keel. Another advantage is that they are easier to navigate than standard sailing or motor boats

Most catamarans have 4 to 6 cabins, that can comfortably accommodate 8 to 12 people – perfect for your entire family. Catamarans are a perfect choice for easy-going, comfortable cruise on catamaran charter Croatia for you and many of your friends and family.

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