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  • How to choose the boat?

    To choose a boat for a cruising holiday you have to take into consideration several important things. First of all is type of the boat. Concerning boat type you can choose between sailing and motor boat, among which there are some significant differences. Seaworthiness, speed, fuel consumption and charter price are the most important ones.

    Motor boat is usually more luxurious and faster but it’s engine(s) consume quite of fuel, while the charter price is much higher than price for a sailing boat of similar dimensions. Sailing boat is much slower, but it offers really special experience of the sea and navigation. It is also much cheaper and it can usually accomodate more people on the same size comparing to motor yacht.

    It is a little bit more easy to handle and manage a motor boat, because handling with sails requires more knowledge and experience. Good seaworthiness at rough sea is an advantage of a sailing boat, but with a motor yacht you can more faster escape from stormy weather. It really depends on your own preferences.

  • What to pack?

    – First and foremost, some yachts (50 to 60ft) simply do not have enough room to accommodate the storage of hard-shell suitcases. Very often, charterers do not pay attention to this and they are forced to keep their hard luggage on their beds. Not a good thing!
    – Tee shirts. Lots of them.
    – A couple of sweatshirts (optional) as nights are usually very mild
    – Several bathing suits
    – Your passports.
    – Hats
    – Sun-protection lotions (lots of it)
    – Sun glasses of good quality
    – Insect repellent

  • What not to pack?

    – Any kind of dress — OK, one, if you insist
    – Fake nails (they break immediately)
    – Fake eyelashes (they fly immediately)
    – Extensive make-up: you’re in the water most of the time.

  • Sailing tips for girls

    Long hair should be tied back and don’t wear excessive jewellery that could get tangled up whilst you are sailing. If you are on a keelboat you can bring one small bag. It’s important to have your hands free to get on and off the boat and to be able to sail. It’s best not to bring mobile phones or other valuables onto the boat as they may get damaged or lost.

  • Sailing tips for kids

    It is in children’s nature to enjoy being on a boat for an active vacation. Babies sleep on waves like in a cradle, toddlers enjoy the new spaces to explore, and older children like all the possibilities of learning something fun. And what is more fun than jumping in the sea, snorkeling, learning the ropes or ‘driving’ the boat?! As in all aspects of chartering, preparation is key. Talk with your kids so they’ll know what to expect regarding getting wet, moving around the boat, sharing with siblings, and safety onboard. Since so many chartering activities are based around water, it’s best if kids can swim, and are not afraid of water. If your kids aren’t boaters yet, try to visit a local marina before your charter to get them familiar with boats. Do some research using books, movies or the internet on the local history and sights at your charter destination.

  • Do we tip the crew?

    At the conclusion of the charter, it’s customary for guests to leave the crew a gratuity of between five and 15 percent of the charter fee, based on your satisfaction with the service rendered. Good crews will not make it obvious how hard they’re working to take care of your every need, but they do work very hard, often from sunrise to the wee hours. Keep that in mind when determining how much to tip