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Let us introduce you with our very popular Sporty Skipper program. After years of communicating with our clients, and skippers experience, we recognized the need for skippers that are not only great sailors, but also knowledgeable in field of sports, fitness, recreation and nutrition. From all this experience we concluded that our clients can make much more of their vacation if some exercise is included. With only 30 minutes of morning planned exercise, our clients feel much better throughout a day, and they find their yachting vacation much more healthier and happier experience. All of our Sporty Skippers are former professional sportsmen that are now in yachting, therefore very adequate choice for this program. Also, each of these skippers have unique, positive sporting background, and together with life experience they are treat to have on the boat. Usually, week with Sporty Skipper includes morning core exercise with rubber bands on deck, and at request running, football, basketball, tennis, water polo or any other sport at request.



Among our Sporty Skippers skills, one of the most important one is definitely their nutrition knowledge. As every sportsman know, what they eat is directly connected with how good they will perform in the sport arena. Although we are aware that some of our guests won’t diet on their sailing trip, still some of this knowledge will come at hand, especially in selection of the food you will buy before beginning of the trip. If you require it, your skipper will give you a great advice what kind of food to purchase in order to eat best possible nutrients that will protect your skin from the sun, your body from dehydration, and keep your energy levels high, and direct you when you should eat what kind of food. Since Sporty Skipper program is for now only available in Croatia, your healthy diet will come hand in hand with regular mediterranean cuisine, which consists of lots of fish, seafood, vegetables, olive oil and other healthy ingredients.


Children support

In Globe Yachting we offer full support to families that want best possible active vacation. While parents can relax and enjoy sunshine, read a book or just walk around many beautiful towns of Croatian coast, your Sporty Skipper will take care that your children have sporting activities suitable for their age. Skipper participating in this program are required to have advanced pedagogical skills in order to coach your kids in wide range of sports.

In your Sporty Skipper you will get sailor, friend, coach, nutritionist and person to rely on.


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